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Frikkin’ Lasers: Baja’s New Headlights are Straight out of Sci-Fi

Baja Designs is the star child of off-road lighting. They are the only brand of LED optics that are fully designed, built and assembled entirely in the USA. They have been slinging the best lights on the market for the last 25 years, and they are changing the game yet again with the introduction of laser chipsets.

Anyone that has played with a laser pointer knows that lasers form extremely tight beams of light that can be projected immense distances with no loss of conformity. These lasers are one and the same, being capable of throwing light 350% FURTHER than any other LED light on the market.

Using a 1.5º beam pattern, and four 15watt laser chipsets, the new all LED Laser XL light can throw 2,000 lumens of pure white light hundreds of feet down range, so you will have all the power you need to see the bleeding edge of speed and maybe, just maybe, make a killer laser light show to back that Dark Side of The Moon album you have sitting on your passenger seat.

If you’re interested in picking up the only laser lights on the market, check out the Baja Designs website.

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