Traction Made Portable: Maxtrax Mini and JaxBase

Maxtrax originally announced the Maxtrax Mini and JaxBase at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer show in Denver, Colorado. Since then, we have been eagerly awaiting these to show up from down under.

Like their full-size MKII counterparts, the Maxtrax Mini is made for extracting vehicles from traction compromised situations where it may not be worth the time and dangers involved with getting your winch together for an extraction, or you might be in an area where there are no anchor points to winch to. While the MKII Maxtrax boards have faithfully done their job for years, it is no surprise that they are not small. The Maxtrax Mini aims to fix that for those who have limited space, such as compact SUV owners, crossovers, vintage vehicle enthusiasts or side-by-side and ATV users.

Also available is the Maxtrax JaxBase. Modeled on the same profile as the Maxtrax Mini, the JaxBase is fully ribbed on the back side for a considerable increase in strength, and a flat surface for using your HiLift or equivalent off-road jack. The large profile of the Maxtrax JaxBase means that your jack will not sink into the ground as you use a very hazardous piece of equipment to extract your vehicle.

Now available direct from MaxTrax’s U.S. distributor, Adventure Imports or anywhere you get MaxTrax in the United States. Available as a pair of Maxtrax Mini or a combo Mini and JaxBase pair. Get yours today!

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