Today’s automotive climate is weird, we are being enchanted by the wonders of all the electric cars and every fifth argument is pointing blame at the internal combustion engine.

As all this happens, our history is slowly, bit by bit fading away as classic vehicles submit to corrosion and time. It is now more important than ever for us to break out our wallets and purchase every classic vehicle we can to save and bring back to life.

While 15 years ago one would look at a Toyota 80 series Land Cruiser as an outdated vehicle that should be put out to pasture, there were a select few that held onto these gems because they realized they were instant classics. The last 80 series rolled off the assembly line in Japan in 1997, and now 20 years later they are getting harder and harder to come by in good condition, and those that are steadily rising in value to purchase. The same can be said for the now timeless Range Rover Classic and the Land Rover Discovery D1. Once considered instant relics because of their shoddy electrical wiring and reliability, are now coveted trophies of a bygone era.

Are you interested in acquiring your own fleet of classic trucks and becoming your own version of Steve McQueen? Break out the checkbook and start looking over Craigslist, AutoTrader and the classified sections of the enthusiast web forums that cater to the model you’re interested in.

Don’t let the classics fade away.