Back in Black


The flat black hood is not just a statement of how cool you are, its origins are entrenched deep in racing history and Aviation.

As far back as World War II, aviators were dealing with eyesight trouble due to the bright and very determined sun reflecting off the nose of their planes back into their eyes and the cabins of the aircraft.

Sunglasses can only go so far in relieving eye strain, and they don’t subdue the source of the reflectivity. So it was decided to start painting sections of the nose of planes in front of the windscreens flat black. Flat paint is inherently non-reflective because of the way the surface is comprised.

Gloss paint is highly reflective because the surface is as smooth as glass and is often polished to a luster so fine it could double as a mirror. Flat paint on the other hand, is comprised of microscopically rough surface of peaks and valleys that don’t allow for normal reflectivity. That is what gives its surface the matte look. Additionally, black was chosen over other colors because the darker the color, the less strain on the eye due to dark color’s natural reflectivity. With black being the absence of all color, it’s naturally the perfect choice for this scenario.

So if you are a desert bomber under the great big sun, or happen to pilot a Toyota 4Runner with a hood-scoop, consider investing in a flat black wrap for your hood. Your eyes will thank you.

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