Congleton Service: True Range Rover Classics

Congleton Service out of Colchester, Vermont, is dedicated to one thing — the preservation and improvement of classic Land Rovers. From Land Rover certified nut and bolt restorations, to fully custom resto-mods, Congleton does it all, with artistic talent not seen anywhere else.

Years of experience live in the hands of Taylor Congleton, when he starts into building a Range Rover Classic he is not looking to turn it into a hot rod. He wants it to stay true to its roots.

“In contrast many people are building up hot-rod versions of the classic, and this does not appeal to us. These are not true Range Rover Classics, and will never hold value over time. For this reason, we don’t believe in Corvette engines, superchargers, 8-speed transmissions or Dana 60 rear ends. Certainly we improve some systems to benefit our clients, but every effort is made to stay true to the heritage of the Range Rover Classic. This is the vehicle we have dedicated our lives and business to; this is the most iconic SUV ever.”

– Taylor Congleton

When you open the hood of a Congleton build, the first thing that will jump out to you is that the engine bay is better looking and cleaner than the day it first rolled off of the line in Solihull.

It takes 10,000 operations to get the restoration of a Range Rover Classic to this point. It is a slow, painful and expensive way to go about restoring these vehicles, but it ensures that no shortcuts are taken, and no workarounds are found. These are men and women who set bolts and components by hand, six days a week and only look for perfection.

But they do not stop at just restorations. From scheduled maintenance to repairs, and everything in between, Taylor is the one stop shop for keeping classic Rovers going and going and going.

If you would like to see some of the meticulous work that Taylor and his crew take on, look at the slideshow below of a ‘95 Range Rover Classic LWB that has 20,000 original miles. Or, you know, visit their website.

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