Story by Alyssa Gutierrez

REDARC’s ‘Power Your Wild’ Sweepstakes Winner!

REDARC Power your Wild

For These Winners, It’s Time to Travel Like Never Before

Last year, REDARC Electronics ran a $40K sweepstakes across North America to find two lucky winners to receive huge upgrades to their overland rigs. To make sure the winners could travel with the latest innovations, REDARC added some serious upgrades, including the latest overlanding, camping, and power management products. These winners have taken their rides to the next level, and they had the chance to test out these upgrades with another sweepstakes perk: an all-expense paid 4-day journey off-road.


In the video below, the sweepstakes’ first winner Drake takes us through the upgrades to his 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. Surrounded by fantastic mountains, Drake explains the exterior upgrades, which include a Rhino Rack and an ARB Simpson 3 Roof top Tent. The fun didn’t end there with solar panels, a recovery kit and a compressor installed below the Crosstrek. With REDARC or ARB products to choose from, Drake truly got the most out of this sweepstakes win!

A REDARC Powered Journey Through the Alpine Loop

As a part of his sweepstakes win, Drake went on a 4-day expense paid trip alongside an experienced remote traveler. Testing out his new gear on the Cinnamon Pass, Ophir Pass and Engineer’s Pass, Drake got to see how all well everything performed when put to the test. Drake reports that REDARC’s upgrades passed with flying colors. “We’ve been using the gear and putting everything to test, everything is spectacular. This is honestly a dream come true.”

Drake isn’t the only person who will benefit from the REDARC ‘Power Your Wild’ Sweepstakes. There’s one more winner who will be taken on the adventure of a lifetime in a newly upgraded ride. We can’t wait to see whose next!

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