Campfire Cuisine: Cooking with Skottles

It’s no secret that food brings us together. The process of cooking creates some of the most wholesome and solid bonds between people that is possible. Think of all the times you have gone to have a meal with a friend because you needed support, or wanted to see them, or any date you have ever been on – the cornerstone was a good meal.

This fact of life is not lost in the outdoor, offroad and overland community. There are plenty of people that roll out with a Coleman stove with the intent of making bacon and eggs at their campsite, or those who drop thousands of dollars just to have a full blown camp kitchen at their disposal to cook for everybody, because thats their thing.

Not all of us can do that however, and we have limited resources and space available. The Skottle from TemboTusk is something that we have covered before at length, and is a one stop shop for being able to cook anything form cinnamon rolls, to stir fry to pizza. Being creative with how you cook up your meals means that you can reduce the number of things you bring along with you, and can focus on making the meal itself and having a good time with those around you.

For a dose of campsite inspiration, take a look at this video from Mountain State Overland and their cooking campsite pizza on a Skottle. Between a way to keep perishables from perishing, and a Skottle – every vehicle is an instant chuck wagon.