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Written by Anya Murphy 
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Product Spotlight: Roofnest Condor Overland

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Utility Meets Comfort 

The new Condor Overland roof top tent from Roofnest is the ideal choice for overlanders and outdoor adventurers who require the versatility and ruggedness of Roofnest’s well-loved Falcon-series tents combined with the large sleeping area and small footprint of their popular Condor-series tents. The Condor Overland is the perfect middle ground of roof top tents. It’s lightweight and roomy, but also packs a punch when it comes to utility.

Accessory Channels Make Packing Gear Easy

Constructed from honeycomb aluminum with aluminum sides, the exterior is strong enough to withstand the harshest overlanding conditions. As well as these reinforcements, the tent supports crossbars and allows the attachment of overlanding gear to the sides. The Condor Overland comes equipped with accessory channels on all four sides that can be used to attach essential overlanding equipment.

All overlanders have debated investing in a roof top tent at the loss of their valuable rooftop storage space. The Condor Overland solves this problem. With the addition of the accessory channels, you can attach axes, shovels and auxiliary lights directly to the tent. Using these channels with Roofnest’s tent-mounted crossbars allows you to carry up to 100 pounds of gear when closed, and 40 pounds when opening the tent.

Interior Specs

The Condor Overland roof top tent combines utility with comfort. On its interior, it features a battery-powered LED light strip as well as a skylight for all-night illumination. The mattress is a 2.5-inch cushy foam with a machine-washable cover.

The closed tent measures 60 inches long, 50 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It’s got plenty of room for two adults and can definitely fit some extra gear or a furry friend, too. The tent weighs 165 pounds and pops up easily in under a minute.

Roofnest Condor Overland set up in a desert camp

What Are Overlanders Saying About the Condor Overland?

We think that the best endorsement comes from those who’ve tested these products in the field on their own adventures. We haven’t had a chance to try this particular Roofnest model out there yet, so we’ve turned to those who have.

One reviewer calls the Roofnest Condor Overland “a tank,” and said that they did plenty of research on roof top tents before realizing Roofnest’s materials were superior.

Several reviewers noted that the tent’s aluminum shell does a great job at blocking wind and keeping out rain so that they stay warm and dry all night, no matter the terrain.

Find Out More About the Roofnest Condor Overland

Roofnest’s new accessory channels make this tent the perfect solution to the rooftop storage debate. Click here to learn more about the Roofnest Condor Overland and its great new features.


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