The last five or so years have shown incredible offerings from the OEM vehicle manufacturers in terms of super high quality, high output LED headlights. Unfortunately for us commoners down the way, many of these vehicles that come equipped with LED’s are premium trim levels, and have different wiring harnesses that cannot be adapted to standard vehicles that sport incandescent offerings.

Morimoto was not going to stand idly by however, and have crafted OEM-grade full replacement LED retrofit headlights. Built with OEM level construction and components, like Kuira optics, Osram LED chips, five year warranty and IP67 water/dust intrusion rating, we finally have the ability to get the look and performance that we’ve wanted for years.

Available in a growing range of offerings from Wranglers, Tundras, F-series trucks and RAM, it is a perfect drop in alternative than ponying up for OEM assemblies (if they are even available) and hacking up your wiring harness to bypass the manufacturers nannies.

Grab yours from their website.