The Overland Community Displays Altruism With a Car Show Amidst a Pandemic Being stuck inside is an overlander's worst nightmare. But this is exactly what happened in the spring of 2020 when states, one by one, required stay-at-home orders to protect the health and safety of their

Standout 2020 Rebelle Rally Rigs Every off-road competition poses challenges: tough terrain, vehicle breakdowns, and stressful situations. Imagine running a 1,500-mile-long rally without GPS, a cell phone, or other technology. Completely on your own; vehicle, driver, and navigator, coupled with topographic maps and a compass. This is

A Suzuki Samurai Leads Amber Turner to a Passion for Off-Road and a Successful Career Breaking into a new hobby or profession, especially when it’s out of the ordinary, can be a challenge. Sometimes you don’t know your life is changing until something or someone “reality checks”

Lodestone Prioritizes Safety Over Springtime Lodestone Events, producers of the Overland Expo event series, announced Overland Expo West 2021 postponed dates. They decided to delay the flagship event usually held in mid-May. Typically the first in the Overland Expo event series, Overland Expo West 2021,

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