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Overland Cookbooks: Kelly’s Kampfyre

Take camp cooking to a new level.

I enjoy nothing more than celebrating people I encounter in the outdoor adventure community. There are some great people doing some really cool stuff out there. In this edition of Kelly’s Kampfyre, we further the overland camp kitchen and cooking theme with a couple notable cookbooks.

One is from a fellow overlander whose popularity grew from sharing his love of cooking and has a talent for photography. You may be familiar with his Jeep and adventure trailer, but did you know OvrlndX had a cookbook? The other I learned about from an overlanding friend in Portland, Oregon, via social media. The beautiful photography and delicious recipes made it a permanent fixture on my coffee table. When friends come over, they can’t stop themselves from picking up either book. I usually have to offer a napkin to catch the drool escaping from their mouths.

the overland cook food on the trail with ovrlndx

By Marco A. Hernandez

The photos inside are sure to make your mouth water. The simplicity of its format makes it easy to take with you anywhere. This 45-page overland cookbook gives two main sections, Sauces and Entrees, for a solid Volume 1 offering. The recipes are easy to follow so anyone can prepare gourmet meals anywhere. The Overland Cook will be put to use immediately upon its delivery at home or on the road. Even better, It includes tips to stay organized and provides information on camping etiquette.

The cover of this cookbook features its author working at the grill. A spread in this cookbook shares a recipe for mushroom bourbon gravy.

MSRP: $17.73 (softcover) or $31.73 (hardcover, shown)

WILD Adventure Cookbook

By Sarah Glover

With over 100 recipes, this 340-page book inspires and is pleasing to the eye. This cookbook offers recipes based on overland locations the author has explored. Beautifully designed with photography by Luisa Brimbel, this professionally trained chef and pastry chef shows that simple, uncomplicated, tasty food is better enjoyed outdoors. (Note: I found my copy on Amazon for a bit less than the first edition version.)

The cover of this cookbook featues its author standing in a field. A spread of this cookbook shows a recipe for breakfast apples.

MSRP: $80, first edition

Editor’s note: A version of this story previously appeared in the TREAD May/June 2022 issue.

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