Makka Flex: A Silent Runner Built for Versatility

2022 Cake Makka Flex

By Jerry Tsai

Getting around base camp, especially when your camp area is substantial in size, can be quite the chore. As I found out at Toyo Trail Pass, an event that celebrates camping and overlanding, moving myself and my assorted gear over the expansive grounds on foot got to be grinding. The use of two-wheeled vehicles such as the Makka Flex, especially the electric-powered variety, really helped save the day.

Cake, a Swedish maker of lightweight electric motorcycles, introduces the Makka Flex to silently and efficiently tackle transport over trails and unimproved terrain. The electric moped is CAKE’s most agile and compact bike to date. Although I’d primarily use it around the campsite and down dirt trails, it’s also a lightweight commuting wonder that’s capable of moving in and out of traffic with category-leading performance built for an active lifestyle.

Whether you’re finding the fastest way to the office or cruising toward your next outdoor adventure, the Makka is devised to take you places—and without putting out any emissions. The Makka line consists of a variety of trims, with the Flex model being the most versatile of the bunch.

Makka Flex is capable of top speeds that reach 28 miles per hour and has a range of up to about 30 miles. It weighs a scant 132 pounds, rolls on knobby tires and comes standard with a rear cargo rack. Other features include a footboard and a convenient, step-through frame. A host of accessories, including a passenger seat, aluminum cargo box and dual pannier bags, is also available so that riders can outfit their Makkas to best suit their needs.

Not only is the Makka Flex handy around the campsite, it’s also great for tooting around the trails.

Because it’s so lightweight and compact, it’s a pleasure to ride it, even in the tightest of areas. And, it keeps disturbance to the surroundings at a minimum, thanks to its electrically driven silence.

Moving around on foot does wonders for the body, but sometimes, the range and convenience of an all-terrain moped can be just as rewarding.

Makka Flex


Riding Modes. The Makka features two riding modes, one with extended range and one with balanced performance.

Battery & Charging. The 48V battery is easily removable and can be charged when it’s installed in the bike or separately and outside of the bike. Charge the battery with a standard 110V/220V outlet. Zero to 80 percent charge can be accomplished in about two hours and 0 to 100 percent charge in three hours.


Hub Motor. The Makka Flex offers a state-of-the-art hub motor and a universally trusted electronic braking system. As a result, the bike is as fun to ride as it is safe. The electric motor features an interior permanent magnet and is capable of putting down 60Nm of torque to the wheel.

EBS Brakes. The moped’s electronic braking system regenerates braking power back into the battery in order to increase its range. The motorcycle brake system features two pistons, calipers and a hand lever for both the front brake and rear brakes. The brakes comprise stainless steel discs, which are 220mm diameter in size.


Outfit Your Own. Designed for short-haul transportation as a convenient ride, the Makka Flex is versatile in its use. It’s created with seven standard configuration bundles plus one build-it-yourself version, so you can customize your Makka or choose the configuration that best fits your needs.


Hubs, Wheels & Tires. Cake outfits the Makka Flex with forged and CNC aluminum CAKE hubs and 14×2.15-inch, custom-designed, lightweight motorcycle rims. Mounted to the rims are 14×3.00-inch knobby motorcycle tires.


Front & Rear. The Makka’s front suspension is single crown featuring an RWU spring fork. Travel on the front is set to 90mm. The rear suspension features a spring shock with adjustable pre-load. Travel on the rear is 120mm.

How much will it run ya?

Wheel Base: 47.6 inches

Seat Height: (adjustable) 31.1 inches

Ground Clearance: 10.2 inches

Range: 31 miles; mixed city riding

Battery Capacity: 31Ah/1.5kWh

Weight: 121 pounds plus 24 pounds (battery)


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Makka Flex: A Silent Runner Built for Versatility

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