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Product Spotlight: Rhino Rack Reconn-Deck


Customize your truck bed system for any type of adventure. Accessorize the Rhino Rack Reconn-Deck to your needs.

Are you someone who likes versatility and the ability to easily access your gear on adventures?

Look no further than the Reconn-Deck truck bed system from Rhino Rack.

Those looking for a truck bed rack system that allows for various setups for different activities and hobbies will find the Rhino Rack Reconn-Deck truck bed system to be a great option.


The all-new Reconn-Deck truck bed system allows one to build the rack to individual needs and adjust it easily for any adventure. There are countless ways to customize, accessorize and extend its setup. Plus, storage is a breeze when cargo space is doubled.

The customizable rack is lightweight and easy to install, no drilling required. The truck bed system has a fixed height of 11 inches for easy access to gear. A choice of two or four towers and two different crossbar options are available, the Reconn-Deck Bars or the entry-level Reconn-Deck with Vortex Bars. You can even pair it with the Pioneer Platform for a more traditional overland look.



There are plenty of options for accessories and mounts to meet all your needs. Whether going skiing/snowboarding, mountain biking, fishing, surfing, kayaking, overlanding or camping, there’s a setup to match. The rack can even prove useful for someone who works construction and hauls ladders. No need to worry about security with the Reconn-Deck system. Simply add the optional secure core locks to Reconn-Deck bars and accessories.

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