Weaponized: Assault Industries’ A-Bomb


It’s easy to see why side-by-sides have become the vehicle of choice amongst many powersports enthusiasts: They can accommodate the whole family while tackling most any terrain with ease, and their compact size allows them to venture where larger vehicles don’t dare to tread. Arguably, the most popular of the side-by-sides is the RZR series produced by Polaris. They come in every form, from two-seaters to four-seaters, and some are even turbocharged for a bit more oomph. Another part of the appeal of RZRs is how easily and how much they can be customized—just about every part on it can be replaced with an aftermarket equivalent.

Orange County, California, company Assault Industries has been in the powersports aftermarket parts business for over 20 years. They offer a wide variety of performance and styling parts for just about every make of side-by-side and ATV. Their newest project, aptly named the A-Bomb, is based on a 2016 model Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo EPS. This turbocharged version of the four-seater RZR pumps out 144 horsepower and comes complete from the factory with electronic power steering. And yet, as well-equipped as the RZR comes stock, Assault Industries wasn’t going to leave it alone.

Assault Industries reworked the RZR into the A-Bomb by not only decking it out with their own parts, but also upgrading it with parts from other leading aftermarket companies. The first thing you’re bound to notice is the GlazzKraft Vortex 2 Fiber Glass Body Kit. Assault Industires created its own unique swan doors (doors that open up and slightly out) to accommodate the body kit. They also fitted it with an SDR Shorty Cage with recessed light-bar roof to help better mount the latest LED lighting by KC Hilites. To beef up the stock steering components, Assault Industries outfitted the A-Bomb with the latest in its arsenal of upgrade parts. Promising increased strength and rigidity over its factory setup, stock steering parts like the radius and tie rods were replaced with AI Barrel Radius Rod and AI Barrel Tie Rod units, made from HAAS CNC-machined 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum barrels with 4130 hardened chromoly steel Heim joints. An AI Radius Rod Reinforcement Plate was also bolted to the chassis to increase rigidity for improved handling.

The weaponization of this RZR didn’t stop there. Other performance upgrades include King Shocks and an HCR Elite Long Travel Kit for better dampening on rough and soft terrain, as well as a power boost in the form of HMF High Performance ECU Tuning and freer flowing Titan Exhaust System. It’s worth noting that the AI B2 Bomber Side Mirrors aren’t there just for looks. They are foldaway for storage, and feature a breakaway safety action in case of an impact. On top of that, they can be completely rebuilt, meaning you won’t need to buy new ones if damaged. That’s just a single example of Assault Industries’ commitment to well-thought-out design. There are plenty more examples of it throughout their entire line of parts.

IMG_0021 rzr1 rzr4 rzr3 rzr2

With its unique looks and performance upgrades, the Assault Industries A-Bomb is ordinance truly worthy of testing in the desert.




  • AI Sway Bar Links
  • AI Front-shock Guards
  • AI Shock Reservoir Mounts
  • AI Radius Rod Reinforcement Plate
  • King Shocks
  • HCR Elite Long Travel Kit
  • Summers Brothers 300M CT Axles


  • RacePak IQ3 Digital Dash
  • AI Stealth Rear-view Mirror
  • AI Stealth Visors
  • AI “H” Style Harnesses
  • AI Ballistic “D” Shape Steering Wheel Kit
  • AI Assault Gas Cap
  • AI Hellfire Shifter
  • AI Quick Release Fire Extinguisher Kit
  • PRP XC Custom Seats
  • MTX Stereo System
  • NavAtlas Plug-N-Play Push to Start Kit
  • Rugged Radios Coms


  • AI Apache Bumpers
  • AI Apache Spare Tire Rack
  • AI B2 Bomber Side Mirrors
  • GlazzKraft Vortex 2 Fiber Glass Body Kit
  • Proline Wraps Door Wraps


  • KC Hilites Flex LED Light Bar
  • KC Hilites Cyclone Under Glow
  • KC Hilites Flex Dual A-Pillar Lights
  • KC Hilites Flex 10” Bumper Light Bar
  • WhipTech LED Whip
  • XTC Motorsports Switch Kit
  • Wheels/Tires
  • MSA Wheels M21 LOK 14×7 Wheels
  • EFX Moto Hammer Tires


  • HMF High Performance ECU Tuning
  • Titan Exhaust System


Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the winter 2016 print issue of Tread Magazine. 


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