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GPS on a Stick: Bad Elf Plugin for iOS

Is the GPS chipset in your iPhone or iPad just not cutting it for you? Bad Elf has been making this nifty little plug in receiver that slips into the lighting port of your device, and instantly adds GPS and GLONASS location support for WiFi-only iPads or iPod touch devices.

Using a high speed 66 channel WAAS antenna, you can get latitude, longitude, speed and GPS track accurate down to 2.5m (9 feet) or up to 60,000 feet and 1,000 mph. And the best part? You can quickly acquire satellite lock without the aid of a cell tower in as little as two seconds.

Built in micro-USB allows pass-through charging while in use so you never have to worry about adaptors or running your iPad dry. No internet connection or monthly subscription required means you can throw it in your center console and use it when you need it, or set up your iPad as your dedicated off-the-grid navigation suite.

Get yours here for $129.99.

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