Spotlight: The FJ Company

The FJ Company Land Cruiser FJ The Aspen Project front three quarter

In 2009, brothers Nelson and Juan Calle teamed up to form the FJ Company which was built on the back of their passion of restoring their father’s original Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. Soon after getting their company off the ground in Miami, Florida, they recruited 40 years of combined experience and started the painstaking task of never doing anything half-assed.

“When my grandfather passed, I worked together with my cousin Jaime and my brother Juan to restore his beloved ‘82 FJ40 to its former glory. My brother Juan liked the end result so much that he bought our shares of the car and shipped it to his hometown in Miami. Meanwhile, Jaime and I had so much fun with the restoration process that we set out to build more like it, effectively launching The FJ Company.” – Nelson Calle

Their 75,000 square-foot restoration facility in Bogota, Colombia, took shape and started pumping out the finest nut-and-bolt restorations of Land Cruisers the world has ever seen. Once the last lug nut is tightened, they’re packaged and shipped to the U.S. to be imported, and then distributed through its ever-growing facility network in the U.S.

They have the skills and know-how to fully restore any model of the classic Land Cruiser series, but their specialty comes from the love of the FJ40 and FJ43 models—both of which can be built on their website using their build and price interactive feature. (Trust me, it’s worth your time.)

Land Cruisers not your thing? Don’t worry, FJ Company’s sister company, Straat, specializes in the restoration of classic Porsche 911s in every bit of the same painstaking detail that the Land Cruisers get.


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