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Written by Kelly Nomura

Top 5 International Overland Travel Myths Debunked

World traveler Dan Grec poses with AK-47 in Ethiopia.

Myths about world travel come up frequently online. Thinking of hitting the open road and exploring international lands? What may be holding you back, could very well be a non-issue. Dan Grec, regular TREAD contributor, encourages people to partake in world overland travel. He has plenty of experience traveling the all over and we value his advice.

Grec reflects on his personal experiences of traveling through Alaska to Argentina and all around Africa. He also draws from the experience of friends who also travel internationally. After seeing constant concerns online, he felt that he needed to put the international overland travel myths to rest.

Perhaps these same thoughts hold you back. Listen to the perspective of someone who’s been there and done that.

International Overland Travel Myths

  • Driving around the world will cost a fortune.
  • It’s extremely dangerous and people are out to get you.
  • You need a super tricked out vehicle.
  • Borders are horrible to deal with your own vehicle
  • Bribery will ruin your trip

According to Grec, media has made it to sound worse than it is in reality. In contrast to their story, he had positive experiences a majority of the time during his travel adventures. After viewing his videos, it’s obvious that his passion for exploring and travel is genuine. It’s also quite infectious. We’d all be missing out if we didn’t use his encouragement and explanations as reassurance to plan a trip.

You can see more of Dan Grec on his YouTube channel. There he shares his travel experiences, and explains topics related to international adventure travel. Hopefully, it encourages more people to give it a go.

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