Kentucky Adventure Tour

The West does not get all the glory — right in the middle of our country’s heartland lies the 1,000-mile long Kentucky Adventure Trail.

A mix between unimproved road, trail, and 40% paved surfaces, the loop winds its way through almost entirely central and southeastern Kentucky, and then wraps into the corners of West Virginia and Tennessee. With specific trails designated for 4x4s and some exclusive single track for DualSport and ADV riders, the loop offers everything from paved curvy roads through scenic Appalachia, all the way to rocky ledges and water crossings that require 33-inch tires and a rear locker for insurance.

Trails consist of paths that were cut with dozers by oil and logging companies in the 1930s that have not been maintained since their initial cut, and trails that now find themselves out of abandoned rail beds. Several tunnels and bridges line the route, all previous rail tunnels from defunct logging railroads and abandoned beds from realigned mainline routes. On average, fuel stations are about 60 miles apart, so it is a worry-free journey without too much isolation from civilization — if that is a good thing or not, we will let you decide.

For more information on the KAT and topographical maps of the routes, please visit Kentucky Adventure Tour.

Also, remember to be responsible stewards on the trail and Tread Lightly!

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