DIY Product Spotlight: Soundman Enterprises, Inc. iPad Side Slider


Let’s be real with ourselves for a moment: our vehicles share a spot in our lives with our children.

We customize them till we run out of things to do, and spend as much time with them as if they were our own family to begin with. They fill a special spot in our heart, and we are forever sentimental to those particular vehicles that actually become family.

When it comes to staying connected, there are few pieces of equipment in the vehicle that are as versatile as an iPad. From access to the Internet, road navigation, topographic maps, music, entertainment or communication, the iPad has quickly become a mainstay tool in our vehicle-based arsenal.

Doug Bernards from Soundman Enterprises, Inc. made the original injection molded iPad Dash Kit for seamlessly placing that iPad in your dash as if it came that way from the factory. Soundman has kits for all size variations of the iPad for cleanly putting a tablet in your dash and free up some real estate in the cab, or make room for another RAM mount for that other thing you have to have.

So, for those who are looking for that next touch in your vehicle, look no further than these super high-quality DIY kits.



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