Do you live in, near or around New Mexico? Jake Quiñones, owner of New Mexico Backroads, is your guide around the land of enchantment. Jake guides trips through all different portions of New Mexico, and has been enlisted by Jeep, American Expedition Vehicles, General Motors and more. From scheduled overland tours and training, to privately guided trips, Jake does it all and you should be prepared for the time of your life.

As a United States Forestry Service authorized service provider, NMBR is permitted by the USFS as an outfitter, guide and trainer for the Apache Sitgreaves National Forests, Carson National Forest, Coconino National Forest, Gila National Forest and other southwestern USA regions.

There are monthly trainings and events going on that you can sign up for by visiting the NMBR website at

While you are thinking about signing up, take a look at what kind of experience you will be taking on. Click the photo below to see a slideshow of NMBR’s latest outing.