Tuff Stuff Overland: On Top of the World

For an intense adventure, stay in tents from Tuff Stuff Overland.

After a hard day on the trail or a bouncy trek through the canyons, the last thing you want to do is bed down in the back of your truck. If you don’t have an air mattress, or at least a foam pad of some kind, the back of your truck can be a miserable place to sleep. Also, not only do you have to clear out your gear, but you’re open to any potential wind, rain, and chill throughout the night. The better alternative is to perch yourself up on top of your rig in the new Alpine rooftop tent from Tuff Stuff Overland (TSO).

Starting from the desire to explore the rugged world around them, Tuff Stuff Overland, a California company, was founded on the belief that innovation, quality control, and always searching for the latest adventure makes for superior products and tough equipment meant to out-perform in extreme situations. TSO ensures that those who lead lives filled with adventure will be able to rely on their gear not to fail them when the situation gets rough.

Tuff Stuff Overland Tent campsite setup

The Alpine Series

The latest addition to TSO’s ever-growing line of rooftop tents is the Alpine series, the perfect addition to anyone that sees multiple nights on the trails but doesn’t want to sacrifice space in the truck bed or inside. The Alpine comes in two models: the Alpine FiftyOne (51 inches wide) and the Alpine SixtyOne (61 inches wide). Both versions offer a dual-action opening roof. Open the rear section of the tent for a roomy wedge-style tent, and if you need more headroom, open the front section for a full pop-up tent with additional windows and screens. Either way, just one person can deploy and close it in under a minute. It also features three entry options with ladder hookups, at the rear and on both sides. When packed away, the Alpine’s profile is a slim 8 inches tall.

…the Alpine series, the perfect addition to anyone that sees multiple nights on the trails but doesn’t want to sacrifice space in the truck bed or inside.

For those that enjoy a pitch-black tent to catch a few more Zzz’s in the morning or are sensitive to ambient light at night, the Alpine features a fabric coated with a blackout material to block out any outside light. Conversely, when completely deployed, a 360-degree field of view can be achieved with full-surround screens. All of the tent’s fabric is waterproof, dirt and oil-proof, tear resistant, and mold-proof. An included USB LED light strip can offer light on those dark nights, and campers will find six storage pockets scattered around the tent, including a clear plastic one attached to the roof for phone/tablet viewing while laying down.

Built from Tougher Stuff

Surrounding the base of the tent’s exterior are four T-slot rails that can accommodate standard M8 hardware to mount awnings, shower tents, and other gear directly to the tent. The crossbars can each support 330 pounds of weight, while the four latches have space for a standard padlock to keep the tent secure when closed.

When planning for your next adventure, ditch the ground tent and the pad flung in the bed, and instead, pitch a tent in the sky. With the Alpine roof top tent, you’ll be living in comfort on top of the world.

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