New Walkies from Jeep and Midland Radio: Overland News

Jeep nation,upgrade your comms in style with Midland Radio.

With new co-branded walkies from Midland Radio, Jeep drivers can show their love for the Jeep life with a practical product. If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, off-roader, or overlander, you know the name Midland Radio – and of course you know Jeep. Both brands are much-loved in the overlanding community, known for their products’ reliability.

“The dedication and affinity toward this community over the years is why both brands continue to create unrivaled experiences for this audience through innovative products and events,” shared Midland.

The T77VP5J Jeep® X-Talker Extreme Dual Pack is the result of a long-time favorite product by Midland, the T71 handheld radio. With up to 38 miles in range and 36 channels, there’s no question as to why overlanders like them so much. Plus, their crisp communication is a major bonus. Weather Alert Radio with Weather Scan technology are also standard for the X-Talker.

With these new Jeep and Midland co-branded radios, venture far and wide without worrying about losing contact. A micro-USB charging port also allows for easy, accessible in-vehicle recharging.

MSRP: $134.99

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