It is an all too common thing these days to push a trip aside because there is something more pressing that you need to do. We are all victims of it, and we are all our own worst enemies, as well. What stops you from dropping everything you are doing right now, throwing a tent in the back of your rig and heading out for the weekend? It is Friday after all.

The wheels just started turning in your head, laying out every conflict that you could possibly come up with for this weekend and that is the problem-we are totally and fully committed to doing everything but what we want.

So let’s work on a compromise: open up Google Maps and I want you to find the ten nearest National or State Parks, write them down and do some research on them. Start planning a day trip, or an over-nighter. It does not have to be a big wheeling expedition with your massively outfitted truck, a simple night away from people and electronics can do wonders to reset yourself and be ready to take on more. Find that new downhill skateboard spot. Find that new cave you haven’t explored yet, or the waterhole you haven’t swam in yet. Pull out your Field Notes and make a list of things that interest you, charge up the GoPro and grab the credit card, because you just committed yourself to breaking out of the mold and doing something new and you’re going to need to fill your tank up with that sweet-sweet-gasoline.

When you are finding an excuse to getting out and doing, just remember that you don’t need a reason to adventure. Just simply start, and the adventure will find you.