Rock ‘N Roll: Put Your Best Foot Forward (Fall 2016)


You can’t reinvent the wheel. That’s true, but you can always improve it. It’s with that logic that we started digging around for wheels that not only look good, but were also built with a purpose.

Whether you like to crawl over rocks or enjoy extended backcountry explorations, you want to find the perfect set of wheels for your specific application. We know that can be a mind-numbingly long process, though, one that takes a lot of homework and researching. So, we gathered this collection of wheels for you—just to get things rolling.



Mamba Offroad Wheels claim the M19 is so good looking, it’ll even make mud look good. And without a doubt, the M19 is a fun piece of metal to look at; better yet, it’s completely solid metal. Made of casted 6061 aluminum with forged aluminum caps, if these wheels look solid, it’s because they are. With diamond-cut clear-coated finish, the M19 features a rugged and precise 6- “d” window design for on- or off-road destined trucks, Jeeps and SUVs. The M19 is available in Matte Black with drill holes or Full Bronze with drill holes. Sizes available for 5-and 6-lug are 15×8, 16×8, 17×9, 18×9, and 20×9 and 18×9 and 20×9 for 8 lug applications.



The Center Line LT-2 Wheel was built to take your lifted truck off the grid. And if you want to increase the looks and performance of your rig while pushing its limits, the slanted 6 split-spoke design, along with the lip of the LT-2 has a riveted appearance that will lend you a bold and aggressive look. Manufactured from a rotary forging process, the LT-2s come in 20×10 sizes and shine in gloss black, machined black, or PVD.




Everyone knows Prestige. What they may not know is that Prestige recently launched a new line of wheels. The reason? What about having a wheel made for intense offroading—and, no other reason. That’s what the Bold Offroad wheel is all about. Featuring an innovative 15-spoke design and available in the 20×10 size, the Bold Offroad has an aggressive fitment and extra deep lips that will become immediately recognizable when crushing the trails. Available in gloss black with milled accents.



Pro Comp

Pro Comp’s Matte Graphite 44 Syndrome was presented at the 2015 SEMA Show New Products Showcase and was so well received that it was recognized as one of the best wheels of the year. The 12-spoke design with a simulated beadlock style lip compliments the styling of modern trucks and Jeeps and its aluminum construction and state-of-the-art casting technology result in unsurpassed wheel strength, quality, and value. The Syndrome is available in 17-, 18-, and 20-inch diameters in bolt patterns to fit most truck, Jeep, and SUV applications.  Two different finishes are available in each size, including Satin Black and Matte Graphite, both with replaceable stainless steel bolts.



Need a new direction in life? By way of right or left directional plastic inserts, the GRID GD01 offers a truly directional design. These inserts are also paintable if you want to take your custom look even further. Also, The GD01 features a 2-piece center cap design to access manual locking hubs and each application has a vehicle-specific bolt pattern and center bore, all of them TPMS-compatible. Choose from black with carbon fiber finish inserts, gloss graphite with chrome inserts, or chrome with black inserts.


Editor’s note: A version of this article first appeared in the Fall 2016 print issue of Tread Magazine.

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