Finding a consistent source of interior and exterior LED products has always been a struggle. You never know what kind of quality you are dealing with or what kind and how many bulbs you need, and worst of all—for anyone with an inkling of obsessive compulsive disorder—if the colors do not match then the world is ending. is kind of an online warehouse for all things cheap LED. Ranging from tiny individual solder only LEDs all the way to industrial and commercial applications, SuperbrightLEDs has everything you need at your disposal to get your project outfitted with LEDs.

On our ‘17 RAM 2500 Power Wagon, we were disappointed to discover that the trim level our vehicle was outfitted with only used LED illumination for the dash and switch backlighting, all other internal lighting was incandescent. With a quick trip to SuperbrightLED, typing in the model of the vehicle, a list of all the applicable bulbs were presented to us and we could make our decisions.

The most difficult part was deciding what quantity we needed of each type and what color we wanted. As far as color was concerned, the site offers four shades of white, 2500k, 3000k, 4000k and 6000k. Most LED chipsets for aftermarket off-road lights are between 5100k and 6500k to give you an idea of what kind of light we are talking about.

The higher you climb in the Kelvin scale, the more blue light is introduced into the color spectrum. As such, we decided on 4000k bulbs for the cab of the truck as it gives a modern crisp light that illuminates everything, but is not so harsh that you feel like you are living under the spotlight. Additionally, the 4000k is much more luminous than warmer light, and the LED bulbs already outperform incandescent, so the amount of available light is considerably higher.

So if you are considering swapping out the lights on your vehicle for LED, is your ticket. They even have incandescent color LED bulbs if maintaining that period correct color is important to you.