MS Overland: Season 4


This past week Mountain State Overland wrapped up their fourth season with eight solid episodes, documenting their journey from their Virginia home to Vermont. They traversed the renowned Vermont Overland Rally network of trails and unmaintained state roads that criss-cross the entire state.

This season documents the logging and gold-panning history of the area, and the struggles of traversing these wild and sometimes precarious roads that have been left to time by the state of Vermont. Roads that were originally carved by bulldozers almost a hundred years ago, used and abused in the sake of progress and then left to their own devices. The forests have recovered, and in some cases, have even taken the road back making it only traversable by the most capable of off-road vehicles.

The season is fun, and exceptionally entertaining. Featuring a cast of good friends with diverse backgrounds, and by the end of the season you feel like you are one of the crew and hoping for more. But never fear, the group will be back next year for a new season with rumblings of crossing the U.S. border to the great white north.

Head over to their YouTube channel and strap in for four hours of off-roading goodness. Once your done, go stare longingly at your off-road rig in the driveway and let us know where you are going on your next adventure!

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