The Resurgence of the Ford Ranger: Design Your Ultimate Tacoma Killer

The Ford Ranger – once the envy of white sneaker-wearing dads everywhere, was suddenly and promptly discontinued from the US and Canadian markets in 2011 and never seen again. Living on as a mysterious off-road legend down under in Australia and Southeast Asia ever since, it has left the US market to flounder and be owned by the Toyota Tacoma.

Ford, deciding that this was totally unacceptable, showed off the new North American market Ranger at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. As a 2019 model, it will be for sale this winter, and after a long wait, Ford has released the build and price tool on their website, so now you too can play with it and design your ultimate Tacoma killer.

 Roll on over to play in the sandbox and create your own.

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