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Could Electric Take Down Diesel?

It feels like only yesterday when everyone thought how better life would be easier if automakers would just offer a diesel engine for every vehicle model. Because, after all, diesel can do no wrong. Right?

Diesel has its place, but can we argue that it is in the past? Diesels, due to their nature of being heavily built and to deal with the pressures of compression ignition, are inherently more expensive than gasoline alternatives—and potentially electric.

Ford recently unveiled their intentions of electrifying the F-series platform, starting first with the F-150. Recently, F-150s have been spotted sitting atop a modified Expedition chassis (as seen by the independent rear suspension), and sporting some low-slung black boxes in the frame, which we can only assume to house rows and rows of lithium batteries, and then there is the tell-tale fake exhaust pipe. How do we know its sitting on a modified Expedition chassis? Take a look at the TFL Trucks video below to see how the wheel base is not just quite perfect.

With the likes of Rivian and Atlas Motors staking their claims in the pickup market with their shown-off prototypes, the competition is heating up to possibly dethrone the diesel as king of the towing world. Juggernaut Tesla has even made a bid for the supremely competitive pickup market, showing off a still image of their Bladerunner truck concept at the most recent Model Y event.

With two upstarts, the famed king of the electric ring, and now reigning American automotive heavy-weight champ for 115 years in a row, the Ford Motor Company, getting into the game, it looks like we’re about to see a showdown of the master of electrics.

Will these trucks have what it takes to get us out of the diesel powerhouses we already know and love?

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