Like those that came before us, we can look towards the military for surplus four-wheel-drive goodies to eventually make their way down the pipeline and into our hands.

One of those is none other than the Stewart and Stevenson LMTV. Anyone who has been in the U.S. military in the last 20 years will recognize these cab over trucks as being the logistics workhorse of the military. Featuring 46-inch tall tires with central inflation, a wicked strong frame, solid axles with portal ends and a reasonably powerful Caterpillar diesel engine turning an Alison automatic transmission, these trucks were designed to haul two and a half tons of cargo off road, and five tons on improved surfaces. There are also five-ton versions of these trucks manufactured designed for five tons of cargo off-road!

So being that these are ex-military, tired, and not in the best of shape, it makes sense that these are not terribly expensive from third parties or directly from the government auctions websites. One that has been freshly released from the U.S. military could sell for $3,000-$4,000, while ones that have been fully restored and up-optioned with things, like air-conditioning, can approach $30,000. Or, if you are really feeling it, you can buy one from Acela Truck in Bozeman, Montana, that has been fully rebuilt back to new and converted to an Overlander’s dream for near or over $100,000.

Regardless, they are extremely competent off roaders considering their size, and who other to show how capable they are, than Fred Williams from Dirt Every Day. Watch Fred as he explores a lot at Gov Planet, finds a LMTV and gives it a test run.