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Ground Pounder Coffee Gives Back To The Community

As I’ve had the pleasures of getting involved in the overland and off-road community, it’s hard to keep my mouth shut about all the amazing people I meet. From trip organizers to influencers, everyday campers to those in the industry, most people are helpful, kind, and level-headed. I started this section to talk more deeply about impressive products, events or people in the community that deserve extra recognition. These could be products I’ve personally used, local events worth attending, or people and companies in the community doing great things.

Jim Hart of Ground Pounder Coffee speaks during the Sprinter Overland Trip
Jim Hart of Ground Pounder Coffee speaks during the Sprinter Overland Trip. He also provides the group fresh coffee every morning.

Jim Hart, owner of Ground Pounder Coffee, is an individual who oozes the goodness of the overlanding community. His friendly demeanor is complemented by his beast of a Jeep, HQ1, previously featured in Tread November/December 2021. While we see many coffee companies pop up offering a tasty pick me up, Ground Pounder Coffee stands out for its continued involvement in the community and desire to give back through donations to various non-profits.

Ground Pounder Coffee

Coffee drinkers are always on the hunt for a good cup o’ joe, Jim was no different. Still not satisfied with finding that perfect cup, he figured it was time to take matters into his own hands. It was a dream to own a coffee company one day, and Jim never imagined those dreams could come true one day. Being the friendly conversationalist that he is, Jim chatted it up with a gentleman sitting next to him on a flight home from New York. Turns out, that gentleman was a coffee roaster and invited him to his roastery in Oregon. That’s all it took, and in 2016, Groundpounder Coffee was born.

“Ground Pounder Coffee stands out for its continued involvement in the community and desire to give back through donations to various non-profits.”

So what makes Ground Pounder Coffee so special? For me, it’s the involvement and partnerships created within the community. Ground Pounder Coffee has teamed up with top brands like Tread, KC Hilites, Turtleback Trailers, Thunderbox, Kurgo, CK Knife & Tool, Sprinter Overland Trips and more to offer a special roast in their name. And to make it even better, most of these roasts also donate money to a non-profit for every bag sold. Now that is a win-win in our book. For example, for every bag of Tread Limitless purchased, $1 is donated to Tread Lightly!. The KC HiLites roast also donates to Tread Lightly!, while Kurgo donates to Paws for Life K-9 Rescue and CK Knife and & Tool donates to Forgotten Coast K-9, a foundation that pairs veterans and first responders with service dogs.

Jim prepares himself some coffee at the back of the flagship Ground Pounder Coffee Jeep named HQ1.
Jim prepares himself some coffee at the back of the flagship Ground Pounder Coffee Jeep named HQ1.

Building community is something overlanders do effortlessly. Whether it is the more experienced who take groups out on weekend trips to camp, or companies who developed partnerships with non-profits to promote land conservation, we know inclusion and we know how to look out for each other. That’s one solid foundation that makes me proud and honored to be included.

Tips for a Great Cup of Coffee

  1. Light Roasts contain more caffeine.
    Looking for that caffeine buzz? Opt for a blonde roast. When in search of a strong coffee, we naturally lean towards a dark roast. Believe it or not, light roasts contain more caffeine that darker roasts.
  2. Store coffee in an airtight container.
    Coffee stays fresh longer when stored in an air tight container, like an Airscape. When properly stored, it can last up to a month after the bag has been opened. Coffee oxidizes, like metal, and the flavor changes over time when exposed to air. Also, do not store coffee in the freezer as it picks up odors, just like baking soda, and that can also change the flavor
  3. Adjust the flavor to your liking.
    Coffee is similar to beer and wine, so many facets. To change the taste and flavor profile of a roast there are things you can adjust to get it to your liking. Slow down the brewing and adjust your ratios between volume of water, amount of coffee and infusion time. Using an AeroPress or AeroPress Go, grinds can seep as long or as short as you want. Keep in mind that water temperatures should ideally be between 195-205 degrees F. Also, the quality of water can affect flavor. Using bottled water over tap water can change the taste, too.
  4. Grind whole beans yourself, preferably just before brewing.
    Use a burr grinder, which gives a more consistent grind. Blade grinders work, but you can not control the amount of beans in the blade which often gives coarse and fine grounds together. Grinding just before brewing gives the best flavor and freshness.
  5. The best cups of coffee are enjoyed at camp.
    Store whole bean coffee in an airtight container. Use an AeroPress or AeroPress Go. Hand grind the coffee right before brewing. Then all you need to do is heat up water, brew and voilà! Nothing beats a delicious cup while you watch the sun rise at an epic campsite.


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