Gear Box: Supplies for Life off the Beaten Path


Sig Sauer Kilo2000

When you’re on the trail, knowing the exact distances between two points can be useful for navigation, as well as further exploration into the unknown. Sig’s Kilo2000 rangefinder is packed full of features that allow you to accurately range distance out to almost two miles. It updates its readings four times per second to give you the most accurate results, and it automatically adjusts display intensity to match ambient-light conditions.

MSRP: $599



UCO Sweetfire Strikable Fire Starter

Made from a sugarcane by-product, bagasse, this renewable biofuel fire-starter can get your campfire going easily and quickly. Its match points are infused with vegetable wax to allow for up to seven minutes of burn time per each point. (20 are included per box.) There’s also no need to bring matches to light the Sweetfire, as each match point has a strikeable tip that can conveniently be used with the striker on the box.

MSRP: $6




SureFire FirePak

Don’t let that low-light scene you’d like to record slip by! SureFire’s smartphone video illuminator and charger enable smartphone users to shoot vibrant high-quality video at night or in poorly-lit spaces. It features two high-performance LEDs, the light output of which are shaped by two specially designed reflectors that create an even, blended light beam, shaped to perfectly fit a 16:9 HD video frame. It shines up to 1500 lumens of light and with an effective range of 50 feet. Shown here with a SureFire Phone Case, sold separately.

MSRP: $299 (Phone Case $30)


Kammok Firebelly

Keep warm when bedding down for the night with this trail rated quilt. The Firebelly fuses comfort with technical backcountry functionality, keeping you incredibly warm at a ‘feather-light’ weight. It can be used as a traditional bed quilt when unbuttoned, or can be secured using snaps and drawcords to create a cozy warm footbox. It incorporates baffle channels that help you avoid cold spots and is filled with 750 fill water-repellent down feathers.

MSRP: $299



Battlbox Survival & Tactical Gear

Battlbox is a subscription service that offers hand selected, useful and unique survival, EDC and tactical items that are delivered to your doorstep every month. Depending on which subscriber level you choose, each your Battlbox can be packed with anywhere from 4 to 11 items ranging from fire starters, camp stoves or tactical pens all the way to tents, survival watches, or even brand name knives. Each shipment includes a surprise assortment of quality gear.

MSRP: $25-150



Camelbak Kickbak 30 oz.

A completely new item from Camelbak, the Kickbak is a tumbler that features vacuum insulation that is rated to keep beverages cold for 8 hours and hot for 4 hours. It has a splash-proof, dual flip lid that is designed for both hot or cold drinks. Made with 18/8 stainless steel, it is naturally 100% free of BPA and BPS. Its tapered body allows for an ergonomic grip that fits easily in your hand and a base that fits in most cup holders

MSRP: $37




RE Factor Tactical ASO Bag

If you’re looking for an easy-to-load bag for your tools, recovery gear or personal items, RE Factor Tactical’s ASO Bag is worthy of consideration. Its wide-mouth main-compartment opening is large enough to fit a two-burner Coleman stove and more (we tried it); its smaller pockets and pouches are plenty large enough to still be very useful. It’s made of thick nylon with heavy-duty zippers for hard use, and it converts from a duffle to a backpack—if you ever need to hoof it.

MSRP: $250




Spyderco Native 5 Lightweight

Originally released almost 20 years ago, the Native is Spyderco’s flagship knife. Its iconic design has been improved and enhanced since its 1997 introduction and is now in its fifth evolution. The Native 5 Lightweight combines the fine edge of a spear point blade made from premium CPM S35VN stainless steel, with the weight-savings of an injection-molded fiberglass-reinforced-nylon handle. Available in PlainEdge, SpyderEdge, or CombinationEdge (shown).

MSRP: $140



Editor’s Note: A version of this article first appeared in the winter 2016 print issue of Tread Magazine. 


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