Get Outdoors Safely During COVID-19

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind for many across the nation, and the world. As we learned more about coronavirus (COVID-19) and its implications to society, people’s thoughts and behavior have quickly changed over the course of days. Many of us are now socially isolating at home and avoiding contact with others outside the immediate household, especially if you live in a densely populated area. Those who live in less densely populated areas still have the ability to take advantage of less people around to get outdoors safely. Regardless of your situation, there is opportunity for everyone to still enjoy some outdoor adventure—even from indoors.

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As we have settled into our current situation, depending on where you are located, of staying at home or still going to work but socially distancing yourself, you may have found a groove and a routine to keep your sanity. While others of us may just now be starting to feel a bit antsy and need some time outside to prevent cabin fever. What exactly is allowed and how can we still recreate outdoors? posted an article with clear guidelines to help decipher what is appropriate for you and your area, while stressing to error on the side of cautious. Spending time outside is good for your health and most literature we read promoted it, but within reason for where you live. Bigger cities closed down parks and beaches because too many people were spending time in these locations and not practicing the 6-foot spacing. Meanwhile those who live in other areas, like Utah or Colorado, may be able to spend time hiking, fishing, or kayaking without running into a soul. Keeping dispersement in mind is key so that the virus isn’t spread to you while you get outdoors safely to get some much needed exercise.

Kayaking the famous Marble Caves (photo by Bryon Dorr)

Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has been sharing lots of information with their community via social media. They have helped provide information to businesses who may be looking for some relief, and are also a website where one can get current information regarding stats, federal and state policies, and other helpful information. And for those who are sticking around their homes, OIA has compiled a fantastic list of resources to help guide in acceptable outdoor activities or find something to do indoors that still fuels your outdoor desires.Similarly, online retail hub, Huckberry, also sent out a great list of outdoor classes you can do indoors should you still be looking for something that tickles your fancy.

It’s safe to say, the outdoors community has shown a great deal of support to their communities through supplying valuable information. They understand the difficult task of having to be homebound during a quarantine or the stay-at-home order and are #bringingadventuretoyou.



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