From inner-city treks to 4,000-mile road trips. From 100-degree pavement pounding days to white out conditions at 13,000 feet. From Volkswagen-sized boulders to foot deep mud. We have put the Falken Wildpeak AT3w through every ounce of terrain imaginable in 25,000 short miles, and we are here to say that these — as we have said before — are the real deal.


Normally as tires age and wear, we start finding cracks in the facade and shortcomings. Things like shallow siping, or cupping, or increase in road noise, appear. We are happy to report, however, that our experience with the AT3w has only been linear since we first mounted them, and are as good as the first day. It is also worth noting that despite having a softer compound that is suitable for the Severe Snow winter rating that these tires carry, they wear extremely well. Mounted to the aggressively driven ‘17 RAM Power Wagon, with 25,000 miles onboard and only one tire rotation during that span, we are confident that we can safely pull another 20,000 miles out of the remaining tread life with ease.

Our only complaint, which is universal through the Falken tire line, is their weight. Falken’s entire product line features a unique belt reinforcement design that wraps the plys all the way around the sidewall and back up to the tire tread. While this extreme use of doubling of plys means an extremely durable and puncture resistant tire, it does come at a cost of weight. However, for a small loss in fuel economy and acceleration, we are happy with the reliability trade.