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Traxxas TRX-4 2021 Bronco: A Legend Returns

Traxxas TRX-4 2021 Ford Bronco Scale & Trail Crawler

After a 25-year hiatus, Ford is debuted an all-new Bronco in 2021. To say that the return of the Bronco nameplate to Ford’s vehicle lineup was highly awaited can be considered a tremendous understatement. The excitement in the truck lover and off-road communities has reached a fever pitch for the all-new, go-anywhere truck. In fact, the truck already has a backlog of hopeful buyers, and wait times to take delivery are listed in months. If you’re looking to get your hands on one much sooner, read on. Sensing the excitement that the 4×4 was generating, Traxxas brings the 2021 Ford Bronco to life as a 1/10-scale RC off-roader. The officially licensed, radio-controlled crawler is based on the Traxxas TRX-4 crawler platform, which has a scaled-down and very realistic 2021 Ford Bronco body.

It’s one of the most important releases Ford has had in recent years, so it says a lot that Ford, itself, has placed its stamp of approval on this accurate RC recreation. The Bronco is certainly a handsome design, and we’re glad it gets the fun-to-drive-scale treatment it deserves.

Here’s What the Traxxas Powered Bronco Has to Offer

The pre-assembled Bronco has numerous scale details that really hit the realism mark, including numerous body details, a beautiful paint job and even a working spare tire mounted on its rear door. What’s more, Traxxas even offers LED lights and a working winch as optional upgrades.

Like its full sized cousin, this Bronco comes ready to drive directly from the dealer. No assembly is required. Driven by a high-torque motor and realistic, four-wheel-drive drivetrain, the rechargeable, battery-powered Bronco is ready to take on challenges found at your camp, in your living room or even on the trails you’re driving with your full-scale vehicle.

Thanks to this fully useable replica, you can “get into” the 2021 Bronco and immediately start driving it—all without having to wait months to take delivery.

01. Driveline

Locking Differentials. Just as with your full-sized rig, the 1:10-scale Bronco’s front and rear differentials can be locked and unlocked, according to the terrain you drive it on. Leave them unlocked when the going is smooth, and lock them down when taking on tricky, technical trails.

Transmission. Moving from one crawling section to another? Select “high gear” to get there quickly. Once you’re ready to crawl, hit the rocker switch on your transmitter to engage “low gear” for extra torque and power to crawl the rocks.

Portal Axles. To provide more ground clearance, the TRX-4 comes with portal axles that lift the differential “pumpkin” up high. The axles not only give you better ground clearance over tough trails, they also improve axle geometry that reduces strain on the driveshafts.

02. Suspension and Frame

Suspension. Scale shocks provide plenty of shock absorption and dampening performance, even over rough trails. The aluminum, oil-filled coilover shocks feature threaded shock bodies for quick and easy ride height adjustment.

Frame. Providing exceptional torsional rigidity, a thick, steel ladder frame with molded cross members resists chassis-twisting articulation. Its rigid backbone works in conjunction with its suspension components, allowing the Bronco to steer precisely over even the most difficult terrain.

03. Tech

Control. The TRX-4 Bronco is controlled by the Traxxas TQi 4-channel radio system. The TQi transmitter allows you to select “high”- or “low”-range gears and lock or unlock the differentials on the fly. It even has a cruise control feature.

Motor. A Titan 21T 550 motor is ready to provide large amounts of torque to get the Bronco up and over just about anything that’s in its path. An integrated cooling fan keeps the motor cool for longer run times.

04. Scale Details

Wheels & Tires. The TRX-4 2021 Bronco’s wheels copy the originals. The 1.9-inch-diameter wheels come mounted with S1-compound Canyon Trail tires. Trail-tuned foam inserts inside the tires provide realistic sidewall flex for real climbing performance and looks.

Rock Sliders. The Bronco has useful rock sliders on it in order to help prevent body damage from jagged rocks—just as on your 1:1-scale vehicle. Basically, the sliders also provide more support for the body.

Replica Body. The scaled-down replica 2021 Ford Bronco body was painstakingly recreated to capture the depth and detail of the original design. Everything—hood trail sights, bumpers, detailed front grille, headlights and side mirrors—look very real. Traxxas even offers LED lights and a working winch as optional upgrades.

05. Adjustable Wheelbase

Want to swap out bodies or tune for a specific trail? Thanks to an smart shock tower design, the TRX-4’s wheelbase can be changed into four different positions, resulting in a wheelbase that can be adjusted from 300mm to 336mm.

How much will it run ya?


*Batteries and charger are sold separately

Length: 23”
Front & Rear Track: 9.8”
Wheelbase: 12.8”
Ground Clearance: 3.14”
Batteries: NIMH (4-7 cell) or Lipo (2s-3s)
URL: traxxas.com

Editor’s note: A version of this story previously appeared in Tread Magazine. 

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