Prepping a Camel Trophy Defender for Around the World

You won’t be able to lie on this one: we know you have wondered how cool it would be to throw caution to the wind, sell everything you own and saddle up the ol’ four-wheel-drive sleigh and crisscross the world. Well, The Rover Shop in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida is doing just that…kinda.

TRS has been planning this trip for a while, and the duration of the trip and where they are going is totally undecided. So in turn, they need to prep their Defender 110 for every possible scenario that they feel they might run into over the course of their jaunt around this 16,000 mile wide globe.

TRS has quite a lengthy thread on Expedition Portal documenting the full rebuild and prep of this particular 110. Starting in December of 2011, this nearly seven-year-old thread has amassed 31 pages of mechanical goodness, stories, photos and shenanigans. Settle in, because this will take you a couple hours to get through.

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