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An Audacious Arctic Adventure As darkness sets in, temperatures plummet to -30 degrees. Blackness quickly surrounds everything as crisp snow squeaks under heavy-duty boots. Your mind is weary, body hungry, as you slowly grab the first load of gear from your rally rig. The rear door creaks

5,000 Miles of Arctic Fury: Prepping for the Alcan 5000 Rally Sub-zero temps and bone chilling wind. Teeth chattering opportunities and endless miles of snow. Populated areas occasional moose and hauling-ass semis. This climate sounds like a challenge for anybody, especially a husband and wife team in an

Amazing Adventures in our Own Backyard The definition of overland travel is slowly changing to accommodate those adventurous spirits who have a passion for self-reliant vehicle-based travel, but who might not have months or years, huge bank accounts and sometimes the desire, to cross remote deserts, mountain

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