Geneverse Solar Generator: KEEP ON CHARGING

Geneverse Solar Generator provides power on the go and keeps the lights on when the power goes out.

The ability to charge up electronics while off grid is quite the luxury and can also be a necessity for some. Some adventurers haul video or camera equipment on trips to capture epic moments and need a way to keep their batteries at full power. Others have accessories they want to keep charged and running while driving or relaxing at a camping spot. And as we know, we can’t help adding more and more accessories to our builds that need power. While some people opt for a dual battery setup in their rig, others opt for a portable battery solution like the Geneverse Solar Generator.

Perfect for those with multiple vehicles, or for people who simply don’t want something so permanent, a portable battery allows for charging on the go and constant power to accessories in tow, like portable fridges. And the portable battery setup is complete when you have a way to charge it back up, like with solar panels, when your vehicle sits for a few days.

Geneverse Solar Generator

The HomePower ONE battery
The HomePower ONE battery has eight ways to output power. The easy-to-read display snows input watts, output watts, and battery charge.

The Portable Solution

Portable battery solutions also prove handy when that voice in your head insists on being prepared at home for a power outage. We like to keep a portable battery inside and charged at all times. You never know when the latest heatwave shuts off your power during peak hours and you want to keep working on your computer or need to charge up your phone so others can get ahold of you easily. Whatever you and your family needs may be, peace of mind is always priceless.

“Perfect for those with multiple vehicles, or for people who simply don’t want something so permanent, a portable battery allows for charging on the go and constant power to accessories in tow…”

Geneverse products are originally geared towards at-home use, but they aren’t limited to just that. They can also can be used for overland trips or camping, just like other popular portable battery options. The Geneverse Solar Generator, a portable emergency power supply complete with solar panels, can be used as one system to keep the power on for the fridge, charge your phone, charge camera batteries, and even to plug in a fan on those extra warm days. Find yourself a portable mister and you could be the hit of the next camping trip with warmer temperatures when it doesn’t lose power and keeps everyone cool.

Homepower Generator and Solar Panels

The HomePower ONE

The Solar Generator we tried out consists of the HomePower ONE battery in combination with two SolarPower ONE panels to provide standalone off grid power. Each 100W solar panel unfolds and plugs directly into the HomePower ONE battery. Use the included adapter to connect the two panels together for 200W output, depending on the time of day. We especially liked the handy zippered pouch that houses the cords and adapter to keep them tucked away when not in use. Magnets hold the panel shut when folded in half. While a bit larger than other fold-up panels, we found them to slide easily next to our folding camp table where they didn’t move during travels.

When unfolded, the panels sit upright with the adjustable kickstand to get the angle just right. Velcro holds the kickstand to the back of the panel when not in use. Monocrystalline solar cells offer 50% higher energy conservation efficiency than traditional solar cells. We found them to get the most output in direct sunlight, although they did still draw some power when in partial sun. The durable cloth and PET high-temperature resistant material should last a long time and provide extra durability. Every SolarPower ONE panel is also covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

7 Days of Power

The Home Power One battery uses electric-vehicle-grade battery cells to supply power. The 1,002Wh can offer up to 7 days of power supply to crucial devices, depending on what you plug in to it. We used it several times this summer for our Dometic CFX3 35 where it, on average, provided power to the fridge for 2 full days during warmer temperatures. As with other portable batteries, you can plug input from the provided cigarette lighter 12V plug to charge it up while driving, power from the home AC outlet, or the SolarPower ONE solar panels. Plenty of options for a short or longer trip.

Toyota Truck with solar panels and tent set up
The HomePower ONE battery easily fits in teh backseat or on the floor. We plugged in the SolarPower ONE panels to give the battery more charge while we sat at camp.

Tons of Output Options

For output, there are plenty of options to choose from, which we really like. It has 4 USB outputs: 2 USB-C, 1 USB-A with 5V/2.4A and 1 USB-A with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. It also has a 12V outlet, which we used to power our Dometic fridge. In addition to the USB outlets there are also 3 AC outlets which claim to support 1000W rated power and 2000W surge power at 110V. We like that an extra inverter isn’t needed for those chilly nights when you want to use it to power an electric blanket in the tent.

We also like the fold down handle that provides a flat surface on top. It allows for ease of packing or to place items when charging. Using the USB-A with Quick Charge, we powered up our iPhone 12 Pro from 25% to 90% in an hour. We also had peace of mind that we could plug in the computer, if needed.

Rig set-up with rooftop tent and solar panels Geneverse Solar generator in the back of a car set-up

The easy-to-read display is also very user friendly. At a glance, one can see the input watts coming in. You can also see the output watts, and how much charge is on the battery. Also, the display can be turned off when not in use. Every HomePower ONE unit undergoes 52 reliability and safety tests. It is also covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

At a comparable price to other units on the market, the Geneverse HomePower ONE is easy to consider. Geneverse even makes it easier by bundling the solar panels with the battery to lower the cost a bit. If you’re in the market for off grid power, whether at home or out on the trail, Geneverse is worth considering.

The Full Bundle

HomePower ONE
SolarPower ONE panels
MSRP: $1,499.00

Solar Panels propped up in the sun