Easy, carefree campsite illumination is something that, for some reason,  no one has ever been able to really figure out. There are dozens and dozens of solutions to fit different needs—from standing flood lamps to expensive ultra-bright wired vehicle-based solutions to battery-powered Christmas lights.

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While we recognize there is no one-size-fits-all solution, the Luminoodle light rope from Power Practical is a great solution for making a lantern out of the translucent storage bag, or stringing the five (180 lumens) or ten (360 lumens) foot rope up by its included tethers or magnets.

Running off a USB socket, the Luminoodle can be powered by a wide range of sources, from laptops and external batteries to even a vehicle’s built-in USB outlets. An IP67 rating means it’s good to be outside, and can even go for a dunk into the water, while displaying a bright and clear 5500k color spectrum.

Available from $19.99 for the 5-foot version, it is almost too cheap to pass up and keep in your pack. For a bit extra, you can also get an external battery.

Get yours today from Power Practical!