Edge has been in the performance chip game for a while now, making tuners to maximize the power and efficiency of diesel engines, but the gas engine game has always been a little neglected in the midsize, fullsize, and half-ton market. These days, however, increasing levels of security are employed by OEMs to secure their ECM computer modules from hacking in order to protect themselves from warranty fraud.

If you cannot go over the mountain or around the mountain, you go through the mountain — that is exactly what Edge did with the Pulsar external computer module. This module sits in between the ECM and the wiring harness, interpreting the inputs coming from sensors and servos, letting them pass through into the ECM, examining the results, and then tweaking them — totally bypassing the software security measures employed by the OEMs.

The result? An untraceable and fool-proof secondary computer for all your tuning needs that can be adjusted on the fly via your steering wheel controls.

Get yours directly from Edge Products.