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Timex MK1: Bush-Ready yet Budget-Friendly

Sometimes getting the best tool for the job is a bit overkill. Your entry level option is more than sufficient for the intended purpose. Sure, everyone wants a Rolex or an Omega on their wrist; Omega supplied watches for the Apollo lunar missions — who wouldn’t want that?

However not all of us are astronauts, deep sea divers or ace combat pilots. Most of us just so happen to be your average consumer that leaves the beaten path.

About a year ago, Timex released their MK1 watch. The MK1 is a military-inspired timepiece that uses the storied brand’s standard and proven battery-powered movement, sheated in an aluminum case and a poly bezel. It is a bare bones watch with no frills. It has a luminescent dial and hands, and Timex’s gold standard Indiglo backlighting.

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While it might be low-to-no frills, it is durable as the movement is extremely simple. It has a fabric NATO-style strap and, aside from the crown protruding from the side of the case, there is nothing hanging out to be damaged. It is waterproof down to 30m and is low cost. Inexpensive is nice, especially for those of us who look at watches as disposable tools that can be replaced after they have been knocked around too much.

So far, the MK1 has been remarkably reliable, and is taking on a pretty cool patina as the black coating on the aluminum case wears away. Our only criticisms are that the movement is incredibly loud, being clearly audible in a silent room by anyone present, and its raised polycarbonate bezel is not as hard as crystal or glass options so it is easily scratched and patina’d. We would gladly pay another $20 for a date window and a quartz bezel.

All in all, this is a great performing and good looking watch that you should grab for your adventures. Buy it now from Amazon for $89.00.

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