Cannon Beach is your quintessential Pacific Northwest beach that offers a rocky cliff portal to the endless Pacific Ocean.

Located in Northwestern Oregon near Portland (45°53′21″N 123°57′39″W), it was first recorded by American William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. The expedition was holed up at Fort Clatsop for the winter, which was approximately 20 miles north from the mouth of the Columbia River, and later explored the region, ultimately bartering with the Tillamook tribe for whale blubber.Later, when Clark explored the region, he discovered a spot near the western cliffs where he said, “…The grandest and most pleasing prospects which my eyes ever surveyed, in front of a boundless ocean.” This spot is now known as Clarks Point of View and can be accessed via a hiking trail from Indian Beach in Ecola State Park.

Cannon Beach is best known for its landmark Haystack Rock. Haystack is a 235-foot tall igneous rock that is accessible at low tide, and features a small cave system. The beach was also prominently displayed in the ‘85 film, The Goonies, during the race rally on the beach.

If you would like to visit Cannon Beach, or would like to know more about the neighboring city and the surrounding parks, visit their website.