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Update: Falken Wildpeak M/T Tires

A few months ago, we fitted the ‘17 Power Wagon with Falken Tire’s masterclass maximum traction tire, the Wildpeak M/T. We selected the 37×13.50R20 flavor and mounted them to 20×9.5 TrailReady Beadlocks.

The Wildpeak M/T01 is still relatively new to the market compared to the other big names in the tire industry, but they entered with a bang and have taken a deep foothold. The Wildpeak’s are made in Thailand, but do not let that fool you, their construction quality is on par with the best on the market. How good you ask? We mounted these tires and did not get them balanced. No balance beads, no weights—nothing. And 15,000 miles later, they are still unbalanced. This level of quality control is top notch and not often seen by other tire manufacturers.

Modeled on a traditional looking 4-lug pattern, they are quiet, well wearing and adept at navigating wet roads with minimal loss of control, thanks to heavy siping in the outer and inner lugs. A unique manufacturing process that wraps the belting fully around the steel cords and back to the center again, means that these three-ply tires are technically a full six plies. These are stout tires, extremely stout.

At 15,000 miles into this run, we can say confidently that these tires are the real deal—easily some of the best on the market. While the compound is slightly softer than other offerings and will lead to accelerated wear, how quiet and well-mannered they are on the highway means an easy decision on what tires to run when making a long trip on the beaten path.

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