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Factor55 Soft Shackle

If you’re a true treadhead like us, then you always question the reliability and durability of synthetic winch rope and shackles on the internet. It’s pretty easy to build a steel cable, and it’s also easy to screw up nylon and plastic fibers.

But now, we have a saving grace from Factor55. The wold renowned brand for promoting safe winch use via their safety thimbles and closed loop winching systems, have introduced their own line of MADE IN USA, ultra high quality, extreme-duty winch soft shackles.

Available in 10 and 20” loops, these ropes are made from the worlds best, 3/8 Plasma Rope and are tested to a maximum break strength in excess of 70,000 pounds. Prices start at $69.95 for the 10” and $89.95 for the 20”. Get yours at factor55.com

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