Here in the United States, most of the country is blanketed in cellular phone coverage. Help is normally not that far away, until you start getting into the remote areas of the West, Alaska or venturing into the wilderness of Canada.

In other parts of the world, like Africa and Australia, that help might be harder to come across at certain times. Especially during those times, it is of paramount importance that everyone on the trip knows their place on the team and each other’s skills, should there be a scenario in which help is required while you are out in the wilderness. 

But, what if you do not know the people you are traveling with? What if they are horrible? What if they are a leach on the trip, the team and its resources? Things can go bad very quickly, or the efforts put into an experience can be tainted by a leach, someone who is not at all prepared for the scenarios that you might encounter—whether that’s skills or equipment. How many times have you run into a first timer who did not think to bring something, or thought that their vehicle was up to the task of a certain terrain that it had no business being on?

In this video, Andrew St. Pierre of 4xOverland covers this topic in a campfire discussion of a recent trip he took with people he did not know. He discusses the outcome and the questions of what would have happened if this situation was different.

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