Gear Up for Adventure with These Off-Road Essentials

Supplies For Life Off the Beaten Path

01. Teren Designs / Campfire Puffy 2.0

This jacket solves one of the most common issues with puffies: burn holes. The outer is made of a proprietary fire-resistant material that is also waterproof, windproof, and tear proof—pretty much all the “proofs” for the wildest adventures.

MSRP $399.95

02. COAST / ZX955 Rechargeable Battery

Truly a first of its kind, each ZX955 has its own USB-C charging slot, allowing these lithium ion batteries to go forever. In a world where USB-C is the new standard for charging, the ZX955 has become the new standard in rechargeable AAs.

MSRP $24.99

03. Eagles Nest Outfitters / Nomad Hammock Stand

This hammock stand can go anywhere your vehicle can, and farther. Its intuitive design makes setting a hammock a cinch. The stand weighs around 15 pounds, which gives it ultimate portability where there are no trees.

MSRP $299.95

04. Camp Chef / Ponderosa

Forget what you’ve seen on the Internet about smokeless; the only true smokeless stove is gas. Adjusting the flame is as easy as a turn of a knob, and setup takes seconds. With a 2-foot diameter, you’ll make sure that everyone with you stays warm.

MSRP $269.99

05. L.T. Wright Knives / Cookcraft Collection

The complete Cookcraft Collection features four amazing knives that are equally at home in your kitchen as they are next to the campfire. The knives in the collection include the Camp Kitchen, Traveler, Large Pouter, and the Small Pouter. All Cookcraft Collection knives feature Austrian-made AEB-L—a high carbon, stainless steel. This is the same steel that they make razor blades from. AEB-L holds a very good edge with the high carbon allowing for ease of field sharpening and help in rust prevention.

MSRP $710

06. Korkers / All Axis Shoe

Korkers’ All Axis Shoe was designed to be an all-in-one footwear solution that features the OmniTrax Interchangeable Sole System for customized traction on-the-fly. Built with hydrophobic materials for faster dry times, which lessen the chance of spreading invasive species, durable mono-mesh side panels keep feet cool on hot days while blocking out sediment. The internal channels allow water to flow through the shoe then out midsole ports, quickly removing excess water and weight. The combination of a covered toe and under-foot sole plate provides added protection from rocks and uneven terrain. This will be your go-to shoe in and out of the water.

MSRP $129.99

Editor’s Note: A version of this article appeared in TREAD Mar/Apr 2024.

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