SFO Virtual Adventure Vehicle Show

Super Fun Outdoors (SFO), Rigs & Coffee and Tread magazine have joined forces to host a Virtual Adventure Vehicle Show to benefit local food banks. The Virtual Adventure Vehicle Show is an online event for the off-road, overland and adventure vehicle community to show off their rigs and collaborate with peers. Contest runs now through May 27, date subject to change. The general public can enter their vehicle for a chance to win “Best of” for a category of their choosing. Winners will receive prize packs from sponsors, and will have their vehicle in an issue of Tread magazine. Click here for more info and to register.


Even better, Tread magazine and Rigs & Coffee are sponsoring an Industry Build Competition where shops and companies can also participate to benefit local food banks. For a donation of only $20 per submission, industry vehicles will be showcased on both the Tread magazine and Rigs & Coffee websites for a popular vote from the public. Winner will receive a 9-page feature in Tread magazine, in both print and digital. An industry vehicle is a company-produced build vehicle to be used for marketing purposes at events such as SEMA Show, Overland Expo, etc. Employees of companies can register their own vehicles in primary and secondary categories. 

Companies who enter will receive promotion on the websites for Tread, Rigs & Coffee, and SFO with links back to their company website. Additional exposure and promotion will take place on Facebook pages for Tread, Rigs & Coffee, and Super Fun Adventure; Instagram for Tread, Rigs & Coffee and SFO; and the Rigs & Coffee YouTube channel. Complete the registration form after clicking the link below. We will need a company logo, images of the vehicle, information on the build, and eventually a short 3-4 minute vehicle walk around video for voting purposes. Industry participants can submit as many vehicles as desired; all vehicle types will be in the same pool for voting.

Voting will take place over a 9-day period. Anyone can click the voting link and cast their vote for their favorite rig. Voting will be hosted on the Rigs & Coffee website. After votes are tallied, winners will be announced via IG live and on the Tread website.

Click here for Industry Registration 



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