Sleeping Bags: The Lowdown on Snooze Sacks

There is a very valid reason why the outdoor industry makes you sacrifice your sanity and comfort with sleeping bags, especially if you are a […]

Gore-Tex: The Anti-Trenchfoot Armor

Gore-Tex Boots Are A Modern Necessity Historically, one of the biggest threats to an infantry soldier’s mobility and health has been foot hygiene. Thoughout history, […]

Electric Campfire: Biolite FirePit

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Filson Smokey Bear Collection

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Manifold Destiny: Cooking with your Engine

The Internal Combustion Engine is probably one of the most inefficient machines ever devised, and a significant amount of energy from the combustion of fuel […]

Campfire Cuisine: Cooking with Skottles

It’s no secret that food brings us together. The process of cooking creates some of the most wholesome and solid bonds between people that is […]

Yeti Growler: Fresh Beer for the Trail

Yeti is well known for making the best hardcore drink wear in the business. This history lends itself well to sealing in the elixir of […]

Two Stroke Smoke

Fall is here, which means longer nights, cool weather and the inevitable onslaught of pumpkin spice everything. One day it’s 80 degrees, the next it’s […]