Those of you who may have read “House of the Gods”, my Tepui rooftop tent review will remember the issues I pointed out with the optional Kukenam annex. To name a few, the door was behind the ladder making the entrance a pretty good squeeze to

We have talked about Tembo Tusk’s Skottles in the past, but these incredible pieces of cookware deserve to be mentioned again. Essentially a self-contained, single burner Wok, the Skottle is a steel harrow disk from a farm implement flipped on its side and used as a

I’m a big supporter of gear that is worth its salt, and I am even more a fan of timeless designs that have been improved over their life. Danner boots are classic gear. They may not be the most high-tech design with the most high-tech materials,

Practically everyone can relate to the childhood memory of their parents firing up the ol’ Weber kettle grill with maybe a bit too much lighter fluid, and the classic sound of a steak hitting the hot grates for the first time and sizzling. The smell of

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