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Get Tidied Up & Ready To Go with a Step 22 Chameleon Carryall

Camp Kitchen Organization With the Step 22 Chameleon Carryall

It’s funny to think that of all the things we do while we’re on the trail or out camping, one of the most gear intensive parts to our adventure is the camp kitchen. A camp kitchen isn’t only about the fridge or cooler and stove, but let’s also include the cooking and eating utensils, plates, cups, condiments, and cleaning gear too. Losing a spatula or salt shaker during a trip can be a culinary set back that you won’t live down. Step 22 knows all too well the importance of keeping one’s camp kitchen organized. The company is well known for its organizational travel bags, and its attention has now been applied to the cooking side of the campsite. We recently got our hands on a Step 22 Chameleon Carryall and found that it was a unique storage solution that fit right into our adventure travel setup.


When zipped up, the Chameleon roughly fits a laptop-sized footprint and measures about 6 inches in thickness. Unzipped, the bag just about doubles its footprint and reveals plenty of organizational compartments. The cover flips down to show off three generous zippered compartments able to hold a large variety of kitchen tools.

Internal Organization

For an easy set-up, the Chameleon includes two adjustable straps as well as two MOLLE D-rings for hanging. Once hung up, Chameleon’s main compartment doubles as a shelf that’s compatible with Step 22’s modular Reef panel. The Reef panel features Velcro straps sewn into it that allow the attachment of a variety of items either by simply sliding them into the straps or by binding them with Velcro straps. Chameleon is available from Step 22 with or without the Reef panel, but we highly suggest picking one up with the Reef panel as we found it very useful.


While the purpose of this carryall bag is to keep your camp kitchen organized, we also found that it has been useful in keeping many other small pieces of kit tidy and ready for when we need it as well. In fact, we picked up a couple more Chameleons and repurposed them to hold tech items, first aid, and to act as a junk drawer for all those miscellaneous items that we don’t know where else to place.

Final Thoughts

If you like your stuff organized, yet easily accessible, we’re willing to bet that you’ll enjoy using the Step 22 Chameleon Carryall as much as we did. While at about $150 a unit, it may be pricey, but we found that it more than worth it. It successfully kept us from losing track of expensive items and greatly helped with our penchant for keeping everything in order. As mentioned above, we liked it so much, we got a few more to use in and around our rig and campsite and haven’t regretted it one bit.

Step 22 Chameleon Carryall

MSRP: $155

Editor’s Note: A version of this story previously appeared in the March/April 2023 print issue of Tread Magazine.

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