June 2018

Tyler Hoover from Autotrader has had a checkered past of buying cheap vehicles for the sake of entertainment, and either successfully getting them back on track, or failing miserably. This time, Tyler bought the cheapest running 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser in the United States for

Patagonia has always stayed in the limelight of producing some of the best outdoor and mountaineering clothing, while still staying true to their goals of being environmentally responsible and sourcing as much sustainable material as they can. Recently however, Patagonia has pivoted into WorkWear clothing, taking a

There is a lot of confusion around the different grades of fuel available in the United States: regular, mid-grade and premium. Actually, they are all the same thing, except for one component — octane. What is octane anyway? Octane is a hydrocarbon chemical compound that is added

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