November 2017

What is airing down? To the seasoned off-roader, the term is second nature and a rule always followed. To the newbie, it can be a technique unfamiliar. Airing down is the process of deflating your tires to a pre-determined, lower pressure. The method allows for the tire

Patagonia is a sparsely populated region located at the southern end of South America, and is shared by Argentina and Chile. The region holds the southern portion of the Andes mountains as well as deserts, wetlands and grasslands between its two coasts on the Atlantic and Pacific

There are more options today for tires than there has ever been. Every manufacturer has various versions of all-terrain tires, in varying levels of aggression. They have mud-terrain and maximum traction tires, and the specialty extreme tires. So while the more aggressive tires may look cool,

In the early '60s Ford partnered with Dana Corp. to design heavy duty independent front suspension for the upcoming '65 introduction of the F150. Ford touted many benefits to the new design including rugged durability, improved wheel alignment, reduced tire wear and maintenance, smoother ride and control. The

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